About me

Hi, I’m Ervin Barta, working as an SRE at adidas. Previously I did consulting for bestbytes.com and before that, I was a jack-of-all-trades (dev/ops, infrastructure engineer, technical writing, L3 technical support lead, etc) guy over at SemaphoreCI, a continuous integration and deployment service, developed by the fine people over at Rendered Text.

There I was mostly responsible for managing and the development of the system, which uses different virtualization and container technologies (KVM, LXC, Docker) to execute jobs related to continuous integration and deployment. I also wrote a few articles on Semaphore Community and did technical support for the CI platform.

These days, I mostly do work around Kubernetes/Helm/Jenkins/Prometheus/Jsonnet and the like.

In my free time, I like to fiddle with the nuts and bolts of everything which ticks or has >= 2 wheels. I’m passionate about running, motorcycles and landscapes.

About this blog

I would like to share anything interesting what I come along while programming, fixing computers or watching paint dry. This is a dump of my adventures in front of different computer screens, occasionally, far away from them. I hope some of the tips here will save you from a few hair-pulling sessions.

Contact me

Find me on Github / Twitter or shoot me a message to hi at ervinbarta.com.